Forcing Spring

It’s been a really, really long winter here in West Michigan. Too long. Winter is lingering so long that I think we deserve summer until November. It has seemed like an endless winter, but that didn’t stop me from starting my spring planting indoors.

I’ve heard begonias are fickle and difficult to grow. Fortunately, Longfield Gardens absolutely rocks and sent out this fantastic begonia growing kit to all of their favorite people. First of all, it feels good to be on of the ‘favorite people’ list.  Second, this actually worked!

Begonia tuber grow kitGrowing plants is a humbling experience. However, this experience left me feeling like a rock star! Just look at that little sprout and that magical greenhouse effect created by the terrarium! Ok, so it’s not ‘magic.’ Humor me and just grow with it.  If the weather ever warms up, I’m going to have some pretty little porch pots with pretty little begonias! I also have a really cool terrarium and dish for next winter when I’ve had enough of snow and am in need of seeing something grow.

Bloom on!

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