What I Loved About Winter

Based on the last couple of posts, I maybe have been too hard on winter. Maybe. Or maybe I’m just saying that because it was finally warm today and I’m feeling less bitter about winter lasting until the final week of April. Either way, I wanted to share a visual of what I loved most about winter.

Amaryllis LagoonMeet Amaryllis Lagoon. I planted about 15 amaryllis bulbs in vases and containers this winter and this bloom surprised and impressed me. With a bloom size of a little over 8″ across and 2 strong, tall stems that bursted with FIVE blooms, I was speechless (I know, shocking). The dark coral bloom looked like it was almost painted by fairies with little paintbrushes of sparkles. It was so beautiful, it looked fake. The bulb size was 34cm….so if you are looking for any kind of success in an amaryllis, size matters! I planted 32/34cm and  28/30cm sized bulbs. Both sized bulbs were big, both sized bulbs produced an impressive display, but the larger bulb by far made me big bulb loyal for life.

Close up amaryllis LagoonI had a nice array of beautiful colors because there are so many different ones to choose from. If you’re in the market for some fabulous amaryllis to enjoy some indoor gardening, I got mine here.

Indoor winter gardening with giant, tropical and colorful blooms is a great way to pass the winter months.

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