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My Last List for 2016

WARNING: this list contains language and alcohol. If you like it, cool, stick around. If you don’t, move on, there are plenty of other vanilla sites you can visit. last-list-of-2016

I love lists. I make a list every day and I even add things to my list that I’ve already done so that I can highlight it — it makes me feel productive. I made this list this morning, then almost finished the office before I sat down because I felt compelled to write.

When I first started the list I was sitting down with my coffee and thinking about the things I had to do TODAY. After my pen hit the paper (and kept going over and over some of the items on the list as my mind worked overtime), I had more things to say, so I kept listing and decided this is the last list I’m going to make for 2016. I think this is a pretty solid list of things to do. Starting in 2017, I’ll make al list of “Fucks I Do Not Give” but that list I will keep off the interwebs. 😉 Now my hunt for a new journal on Amazon begins. I will revisit this list as a reminder to keep working on the last 5 things (the first 4 things are pretty perennial in my life). Now how to balance snark with positivity?

Now that I have my list out of the way, here’s my holiday recap in photos!

We toasted Christmas Eve with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire and friends!
We ate so much amazing food. Hello roasted garlic ! Delicious and also people repellent. Double win!


I wait 364 days to wear this shirt. Inconceivable!!! Best movie ever. I’m thinking of breaking out this shirt in July because I was really sad put it away for a year.
Three days into winter break and we are fighting. By ‘we’ I don’t mean me….but I am considering  fleeing the scene and I’ll see who is last man standing when I get back. Someone get me more of that Jack Daniel’s.
He was a good sport….but notice the “I will not make eye contact with you, human, because I’m planning my revenge.” Revenge looked like him rolling in mud outside and then drying himself off on my living room carpet. Well played asshole. Well played.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and have a Happy New Year! See you in 2017!



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A Bowl Of Friendship

About a year ago a friend of mine emailed a recipe. I love it when people email recipes without me even asking just because they think I’d like it. I loved it!

Recently I was cleaning out my closets and kitchen cupboards when I pulled out my cookbook (yes, I still have a physical cookbook). My cookbook is made up of recipes in my grandmother’s handwriting, my first ever Thanksgiving dinner recipe from a Parade magazine 15 years ago (that is still my family’s favorite) and a collection of other tasty snippets that I’ve collected over the years.

In the process of clearing things out, I found this amazingly delish Black Bean and Lentil Soup Recipe. I love preparing food….I love the hiss of sauté and the soft bubbling of liquid. Through the process of cooking this rather simple recipe, I realized that it means so much more. This bowl of soup warmed my stomach and my soul because it was given to me by a sweet friend.

Sometimes it’s the most simple things that remind us of the importance of our relationships no matter how great or small. Here’s the recipe. Enjoy, my friends.


Lentil & Black Bean Soup
1 Large Sweet Onion
2 Cloves garlic (I use my garlic press, but you could chop)
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp paprika
2 tbsp tomato paste
4-6 cups water, 2-4 tbsp vegetable bouillon (just follow the
on the jar for your broth, or buy broth)
1 cup uncooked lentils
2 cans black beans

Sautee chopped onion and garlic in pot with oil (I use coconut oil) with
chili powder, cumin & paprika until onions are translucent. Add broth (or
water and bouillon) and bring to a boil. Add lentils and simmer 25
minutes. Add black beans, salt & pepper to taste. Simmer another 10 minutes.
Garnish with cilantro if you have it.